About CJC

About Cairo Jazz Club

Laid back, hi-energy and fun.

For well over a decade, Cairo Jazz Club has stood the test of time as Cairo’s ultimate live music hub. The vibe achieved in our venue is a lively and engaging one where people can enjoy live music, delicious food and bar selections, while feeling right at home. In the center of it all, the Cairo Jazz Club stage is notoriously established as a portal for manifesting art and expression through music. It stands witness to the rise of many fresh talents, regularly hosting the finest live acts in town, as well as exciting international artists. We also make it our mission to tirelessly expose new talent and present them with the space and opportunity to grow; we are the starting ground for countless artists in the independent music scene. Adamant on catering to all tastes while remaining musically objective, Cairo Jazz Club hosts a different event every day, covering various genres, in addition to the occasional themed nights.

The philosophy that has kept us going thus far is simpler than you would think, “We serve good moods”. And that is precisely what is on the menu every day of the week. So if you enjoy having a good time while feeding your appetite with a delectable, diverse menu and euphorically intoxicating cocktails, then Cairo Jazz Club is the place to be.


From the get go, a fundamental essential to the Cairo Jazz Club experience was its stage, instrumental in the evolution of Cairo’s independent music scene. Cairo Jazz Club has always platformed fresh talent leading to why most of the city’s top end bands such as Wust El Balad, The Riff Band and Screwdriver were born on that stage. The stage until now is a regular host to the finest live acts in town and the Club is rightly recognized as the “capital” of live music in the city.
Some of the many musical talents who have taken to Cairo Jazz Club’s stage:

Internationally Acclaimed Artists
Ilham Madfai
Natasha Atlas
Stanley Jordan
Carles Benavent
Monica Passos
Jay Rodriguez
Michiel Bortslap
Albert Del Rio
Ned Kelly
Kamal Musallam
Mashrou’ Leila
Tania Saleh
Souad Massi
Ghalia Ben Ali
Zeid Hamdan
Who Killed Bruce Lee
47 Soul
Egyptian Project
El Far3i
Nabil Khemir
Established Egyptian Artists / Bands
Fathy Salama
Yehya Khalil
Rashad Fahim
Ahmed Rabie
Salah Ragab
Hesham Galal
Wust El Balad
Massar Egbari
SharmoofersTop Local Artists who debuted at CJC
Wust EL Balad
The Riff Band
Cairo Bigband Society

CJC’s Art

Cairo Jazz Club was very lucky to work with different creative artistic talents over the years. Known for our unique drawings, mystical interior design and authentic print work, CJC would like to commend the imaginative minds of those who helped inspire our identity and character that followed.

Amr Qenawi: Current Graphic Designer & Art Director                                                                                      

Although his line of work requires versatility in style, CJC’s resident designer Amr Qenawi’s unique artistic identity is embedded in all aspect of his CJC designs. Creative flyers, posters, graphics and interior themed decoration all show the admirable objectivity in his work.

Upon graduating with a BA in applied arts in 2008, Amr launched his career as a painter and computer graphic artist. He draws inspiration from the likes of illustrators Eric Petersen and Patrick Nagel.  Amr is also one of the very few artists around that are willing to take on the tedious yet beautifully sophisticated art of Rotoscopy, completing Neobyrd’s entire music video ‘My Sweetheartless’ with a whopping 3800 individually coloured frames within months of filming. 

Karine Ghaly: CJC Artist responsible for the unique illustrations
If you ever wondered who was the creative mastermind behind the illustrations that inspired everything from our logo to our tables and façade, look no further than artist Karine Ghaly. Born in Alexandria Egypt, Karine graduated from the University of Fine Art Alexandria and went on to attend courses at St Martin’s College of art and design in London. Karine used her love of Egypt and of music to help influence the logo and illustrations for Cairo Jazz Club. By combining her creative imagination with a modern twist she was able to create a feel of freedom and relaxed environment matching CJC’s ambiance. Karine also acknowledges CJC’s owners for having a big impact on the creative process and final designs.
Karine has had exhibitions at the Ostia Lido’s Art Gallery in Rome. Waterloo’s Art Gallery in Brussels, the Crédit Mutuel in France, Spanish Cultural Center, and various locations in Cairo such as International Cultural Center for Cooperation.

Amr Farouk: Interior Paintings 
Bohemian artist and designer Amr Farouk is the craftsman behind the series of intriguing paintings hanging inside Cairo Jazz Club in Agouza, Giza. Amr Farouk was a painter from his early days as a curious child. Born in Cairo, Amr moved to Sinai from the age of 15 and lived a Bedouin lifestyle over the following 22 years. Moving from one area to another, spending a lot of time in the mountains, Amr’s artistic talents developed at a rapid rate, excelling him to greater spiritual enlightenment. His travels and free living attitude is well represented in his art at Cairo Jazz Club.

Mahmoud Fahmy: Graphic Designer  
Cool and collected Egyptian freelance designer Mahmoud Fathy brought the CJC drawings to life in 2010 and was responsible for the first batch of CJC printed materials including the creative and upbeat series of posters and flyers CJC generated for bands and festivals. Mahmoud studied design at faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo and worked for numerous organizations such as Promo 7 and LOWE Egypt. He currently lives in Berlin and works for worldwide advertising agency DDB.